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    Research & Creation

  • 3d-modeling.png

    Design & Prototyping

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  • Research - Sketch Trend boards

  • 3D creation - 3D scan 3D printing - Modeling

  • Silicone molding Thermoforming

To stand out, for a special order,
To add unique and original products to your collections...

From single pieces to medium series,
We support you in realizing and bringing your ideas to life.


Customization "Tailor-made"

  • Design/manufacture of molds and customized subjects
  • Creation on demand for special orders from your customers
  • Creation of decors, stamps and stencils in made-to-measure silicone
  • Creation of Blisters in small and medium series

Customization "In your image"

  • Customization of products, inlay of logo, texts
  • Creation of personalized collections
  • Personalized chocolate candies creations
  • Molds stylized with the image of your brand

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